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Loulé Carnival 2014


On days 1, 2 and 4 March, the Carnival of Loulé will be out to the street in a parade full of animation, color and joy. Political and social satire is more than ever present in this edition motto – “Unique and Irrevocable ” – and will inspire the country’s oldest Corsican and 15 floats participating in it , from 15:00 in the Avenida José da Costa Mealha .

Loule Carnival 2014The famous case of the resignation by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs , Paulo Portas , last summer – one ” irrevocable ” decision as referred himself – and the volte face in this position paper is only one of several episodes of national life which will be depicted in this parade.

Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho and opposition leader, António José Seguro, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the presidents of the big three – Pinto da Costa, Luís Filipe Vieira and Bruno de Carvalho, Cristiano Ronaldo and national team are some of the characters this Corsican marked by irony. But in sport, “King Eusébio ” presence is guaranteed.

In the year that marks the 40th anniversary of the April 25, Carnival recalls the Carnation Revolution up because the Municipality of Loulé promotes over 2014, a varied program of activities to celebrate this date. In Loulé corso, this theme will be highlighted by way of satire. Some of the political figures who marked the four decades of democracy as Mário Soares, António Guterres Cavaco Silva or be represented on the float ” The 40 -year- April: It’s always the same,”

By way of eulogy, the marque will also count this year with one dedicated to one of the largest ever revelers of Carnival of Loulé car, which had an important role in animating the parade over the years. A few months after his death , the organization of Loulé corso recalls Commander ” Beans ” in a car / boat manned by TUALE – Tuna Alphonsine University of Loulé and the contagious excitement of its elements.

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Algarve Chocolate Fair


Scores of visitors from around the Algarve made their way to the 4th Chocolate Fair held last weekend at the Loulé Municipal Market, and it did not disappoint.

Algarve Car Hire - Algarve Chocolate FairChocolate-lovers from near and far were delighted with the 17 different stands showcasing their wares, which ranged from crèpes to bonbons, cupcakes to chocolate fountains, hot drinks to new novelties such as chocolate sushi.

Among the many exhibitors were local sweet-makers as well as two schools taking part in the event, Loulé Secondary School and the Algarve Hotel School.

Given the response to this year’s Chocolate Fair the organisers have already said that it will be back in 2015.

The fair also aims to promote local, regional and national products while stressing nutritional characteristics, culinary versatility, and the touristic potential of chocolate.

Multiple stands set up at the municipal market will once again be selling everything from sweets to fondues and hot drinks, giving everyone a perfect excuse for a delicious Valentine’s Day present.

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Golf Courses in the Algarve the Best in Europe


Five golf courses in the Algarve are topping the list of destinations of choice among players in the game – Onyria Palmares , San Lorenzo , Quinta do Lago Sul , Oceanico Faldo and Oceanico Old fields are included in the list of top 100 Continental Europe for 2014 , which has just been published by the prestigious magazine Golf World .

Algarve Car Hire Faro airport and Golf in Algarve“In 23 . º and 24 . º places now biennial ranking published by the magazine” Golf World “are occupied by Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort ( in Meia Praia, Lagos ) , and the San Lorenzo Golf Course ( in Quinta do Lago .)

Here are the Quinta do Lago Sul ( Quinta do Lago ) , at 53. °, Course Oceanico Faldo ( in Silves ) , at 61. Thereof, and Oceanico Old Course ( Vilamoura ) , which is 66 . º rated among the top one hundred of the European continent .

A total of 13 greens Portuguese are represented in the ” Top 100 courses in Continental Europe 2014″ . Beyond the six courses in the Algarve , the list includes a golf course in Porto Santo , Madeira , and six others on the continent .

Portugal was recently reelected Best Golf Destination in Europe ‘ World Travel Awards ‘ – the Oscars of Tourism – and Onyria Palmares was still called the best golf course in the national awards ‘ Publituris Portugal Travel Awards 2013 ” for the second consecutive year .

The Algarve was still considered early in the year , the best golf destination in Continental Europe by the price / benefit ( best value for money ) for the British magazine ‘ Today’s Golfer ‘, repeating the success of the previous year .

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Racing Calendar 2014 at AIA


Autódromo Internacional do Algarve unveils the Racing Calendar 2014 at Algarve Race Track and, like on previous years, the sucess is guaranteed.

Car Racing and Superbikes in Algarve 2014Already counting seven (7 ) events of an international nature of the racing calendar in 2014 AIA will be quite exciting.

This year’s schedule begins and ends with two new products:

At the end – of – week 25 to April 27 debuts the Acceleration 2014 , a mix of races and music festival. This event will include racing cars and bikes with categories as diverse as Acceleration Formula 1 , MW – V6 Pickup Legend Supercup, European Stock 600 and 1000. The musical component is achieved by undertaking 2 concert –
Friday with the theme ’80 ‘ s and 90’s’e Saturday a ” dance party ” with international DJs.

Closing calendar 2014 and for the first time in Portugal, the Repsol International FIM CEV Championship will hold its 7th round of the season in tracing Portimão. This championship regarded as a ‘ springboard ‘ for Moto GP, and that includes the participation of teams ( over 60 % ) are also present in MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycle racing.

Confirmed for the seventh year is one more round of the Superbike World Championship to be held from 04th to 06th July and this year has many new features.
The results of the pre-season tests in EIA in January were undoubtedly a first indicator of the competitiveness of the teams and drivers of the new season 2014.

Already confirmed and constant presence in the AIA is the International GT Open ( 06-12 May) that this season did make technical amendments to its regulations and sport with the aim to become even more competitive categories Super GT and GTS.

The 2014 edition of the Algarve Classic Festival ( ACF ) to be held from October 17-19, as referenced in Europe as one of the largest events of its kind, has this year with additional grids, including the Classic Endurance Racing and U2TC ( CER ) and several innovations. Will feature 11 European Championships Classics, which will bring the delimitation of Portimao the best cars and drivers of the specialty a total of 18 races.

The GTSPRINT is back with a new name – Ferrari Challenge – EUROGTSPRINT ( 18-20 July). In addition to the new designation Italian series will feature changes to the format with two runs for 40 minutes a week- end without pit stops. This new series will run in partnership with other renowned championships, as the WTCC, Ferrari Challenge, GT Tour ( French GT Championship ) and the Italian Gran Turismo championship .

Also return with new name and new format is the Blancpain Series GT ( 05-07 September). Track will be the best GTs today from brands such as Audi, McLaren, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche Nissan among others, in the Algarve round will compete in two different series : Sprint and GT .

Superbike tickets for 20 % off until end of May

Running through May 31 will be a campaign 20 % discount on the denominations of tickets for the World Superbike Championship , which this year features more attractive values , and are available from 10 € . Opportunity not to be missed .

As usual in all sporting events Isa children aged under 12 years have free access.

Contacts for more information and ticket purchases : , ( +351 ) 282 405 614 or directly on the AIA Store at:
Sítio do Escampadinho, Mexilhoeira Grande
8500-148 Portimão, Algarve – Portugal

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See here the full racing calendar for 2014

Calendar Algarve Race Track for 2014

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Science in Portugal during the Enlightenment


This paper focusse on the introduction , dissemination and propagation of “the new sciences “ in 18th century portuguese mainland. Although the specific characteristics of the reception of science in various national contexts is a lively topic. The international comunity of historians of science has scarcely adressed the history of science in Portugal. There is no study of the subject per se, and in the most recent work in wish Portugal appears, it is in the context of the history of science in the Iberian Penisula as a whole . It is mislanding to conflate the Portuguese and the Spanish cases; the claim can be made that there is no receved view on the topic of Portuguese science at the level of the international scholarly comunity .

In Portugal itself the situation is quiet different. Although a comunity of professional historians of science has been building up during the last decade, the study of the history of the science of the 18th century Portugal has been porsued mainly in the context of cultural history. Sporadic contribuitions in the “ évenementielle” genre have been also made by historians and by scientists.However a consistent study of eighteenth-century portuguese science was carried out about over fourthy years by the physics teacher, pedagogue, poet, and historian of science Ramalho de Carvalho (1906-1997). Romulo de Carvalho belonged to a descriptive tradition that has produced many detailed and highly erudit accounts. He contributed case studies, general works and various papers taking a somewhat a Wiggish approacth to the eighteenth-century portuguese scientific context. He focussed almost exclusively on lasting contributions to scientific disciplines such as physics, emphasizing the role modernity was defined loosely as everything wich opposed Aristotelianism and Scholasticism. In the final years of the seventeenth cemtury, the growing emphasis on scientific and and technological research defined a new epistemological frame work that called for a radical change in the relation between theory and practice. The reinterpretation of Aristotle was insufficient, and a new phylosophy, a new physics and a new methodology were requiered.

The practice of experiment as a crucial element in the new epistemological context was to have one of its strongest pillars in the Oratorians. The oratorian João Baptista (1705-1761) was one of those who fought Scholasticism, attempted to rehabilitate Aristotle by showing how his texts has been generally distorced by portuguese commentators, and reconstructed what he considered to be the genuine Aristotelian phylospy in the book Philosphia Aristotelica Restituta (1748) in wich Baptista reconciled Aristotelianism with Newtonian Physics. From 1737, he became the most influential Oratorian advocating experimental philosophy in the court of king João V.

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Ryanair launches prepaid mastercard


Ryanair is planning to introduce the ‘Ryanair Cash Passport’, a MasterCard prepaid card which it claims will enable passengers to avoid its booking fee.

Algarve Car Hire Ryanair

Algarve Car Hire Ryanair

Ryanair’s £6 admin fee will not apply to UK bookings completed with Ryanair Cash Passport from 4th October onward.

However bookings made with any other UK MasterCard prepaid card will attract Ryanair’s £6 admin fee from 1st November 2011 onwards.

Ryanair claims that the Cash Passport, which will be managed by Access Prepaid Worldwide, will deliver a number of benefits for cardholders ranging from a special introductory offer, to the waiver of transactions fees for payments made online.

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said: “Ryanair’s £6 admin fee will not apply to any bookings made with ‘Ryanair Cash Passport’ and there are no transaction charges for using the card at UK merchants until 31st March 2012, so we recommend that UK passengers make the switch to ‘Ryanair Cash Passport’ as soon as possible to take advantage of the no fee offer.”


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